Real Life Accounting has been used sucessfully by students in more than thirty countries. But don't take our word for it...read what they have to say.

Accounting for Non-Accountants

The Real Life Accounting.com approach to teaching you the knowledge needed to run a small business (or any business or non-profit organization for that matter) is practical, down-to-earth, and comprehensive. When you finish the course, you will have been introduced - in a non-technical manner - to nearly every accounting concept you need to be successful. My clients, who participated in the beta-testing, were enthusiastic and positive. Plus, the course definitely improved our accountant-client communication. I had a number of clients who mentioned that they felt their decision-making skills were enhanced from taking the course.

To be successful in business, you have to know what information is relevant, how to collect it and what to do with it once you have it. This process entails generating financial statements about your business. Real Life Accounting does a terrific job of teaching you how to understand and analyze your financial data in a way that is easily understood and used.

This course is also appropriate for accounting students, MBA students taking finance courses, accounting interns, and bookkeepers who want to expand their knowledge and capabilities. This is a how-to manual for performing small business "write-up" work. Since it builds on itself from module to module, only a minimum amount of time is required to go from learning concepts to actually applying them.

As a CPA, I recommend this interactive course both to beginning business owners and "old" business owners who have been throwing their financial reports into the bottom drawer without using them. I also recommend it to beginning accountants, who have only "book learning," and to anyone else who needs a basic practical grasp of accounting concepts and language.

Barbara J. Aue, CPA, Santa Barbara, CA

Occasionally, I like to reacquaint myself with the natural order of basic accounting principles. RLA’s 20 hour online course (along with the ability to revisit) and 4 hour book course make this possible, acting as stand alone or complementary methodologies.

James J. Grennen, Bohemia, NY

Fantastic course! Very informative and easy to navigate.

S. Hurst, Mesa, AZ

I really enjoyed the course. You put a lot of thought in to the presentation and it comes through: very easy to follow and understand.

L. Drapeau, Victoria, BC

I consider this a terrific overview of accounting and small business. I will likely pursue accounting further to open up further opportunities of employment. Thank you!

M. Blanchard, San Leandro, CA

This course has given me a lot of hope in understanding the basics of accounting. I'm so glad I found you (this course). Thank you.

LG, Seattle, WA

I enjoyed the course. After taking accounting and bookkeeping courses in the past, I can say this was the best. I can now say as others who took this same course, that I finally "get it."

A. Sambrato, Cape Coral, FL

The Real Life Accounting course is well explained with detail and has voluminous materials that cover almost, if not all, the objectives that I set before starting the course.

At the beginning the course it looked like a riddle or a jigsaw puzzle but at the end like a secret or a treasure that has been unveiled.

A big "Thank you" goes to John W. Day and all those who were directly or indirectly involved.

S. Asare, Accra, None, Ghana

Wonderful course. Feel a little let-down now that it is over.

S. Wilson, Gulfport, FL

I would like to thank you for this very informative and practical on-line Accounting Course. It was such a great freshing-up and reviving accounting experience!

M. Al Bashitie, Amman, Jordan

This is a very informative online course and I am trying to convince some of my friends to take it. The explanations are very simple and the examples were easy to follow. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

M. Weatherhead, New York, NY

Wonderful course. Thank you.

M. Morales, Jersey City, NJ

Your course was easy to use and to follow. I like that you can stop and then pick up where I left off at a later date.

L. Wilson, Neosho, MO

I always shy away from Internet programs, but I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. I am very pleased with it in every way. Your response to my questions was outstanding. Thank you so much for not disappointing me. It was well worth the money and effort. Again, THANK YOU!

M. Tyler, Flowery Branch, GA

This course is well put-together and I have benefited greatly from it. Even the web site you give at the end - www.sba.gov - is a great "door prize." I especially appreciated how dedicated you were, John, to responding quickly and thoroughly to questions. Thanks so much for your help throughout.

T. Wiley, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

In the past, I worked as an engineer for more than ten years requiring many hours of difficult study, exams and instruction. Your format is the best! Never before have I been able to learn so much in such a short time period.

D. Rood, Redondo Beach, CA

This course quickly & easily "filled in the gaps for me". All the information was right to the point & concepts were easy to grasp with the way you taught this course. Thank you for making this easier to understand than I thought it would be!!!

J. Bush, San Marcos, CA

The course and your entire web site, with its wealth of resources, is incredible...thank-you for a first-class treasure trove of real world accounting/bookkeeping advice.

M. Ugulini, Toronto, Canada

I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM!!! Want to do more!!!???

P. Macek-Hajduk, Elmwood Park, IL

Thank you for this course. I have a much better understanding of how all of this works and I now know what to look for and how to look for it. Excellent course.

N. Donop, New Braunfels, TX

John, this course is the greatest!!!

Real Life Accounting (RLA) is ideal for someone who wants to really understand "the books" from the big picture down to the minutest detail. It is for someone who craves practical bookkeeping
experience. Phase V is a virtual real life experience of setting up the books for your own business and successfully keeping them for an entire year -- including how to handle both mistakes and the
unexpected, which we all have to deal with.

RLA provides you with an expert to explain exactly what is going on, and you will see your virtual classmates struggling with the same issues you do.

RLA is very different from a traditional approach to accounting because everything you learn in the course of your virtual real life experience has an immediate practical application. And when you do
encounter these very same experiences in reality, you know just how to handle them because you have had practice and experience. Phase VI, although extremely short, shows you exactly how to really understand the financial statements you have just produced in Phase V,
and how to make practical business decisions based on what the financial statements are telling you.

Sometimes our perceptions of the finances of a business are quite different from reality. RLA shows you why. If you have access to the books and you want to really understand what is going on, RLA shows you how.

This is one course you will really enjoy and wish it could continue forever.

S. Owen, Staefa, Switzerland

Thank you very much!! Amazingly done! I had to study accounting basics for my computer programming job and this was perfect!! Once again thank you very much for the course, it was well done and actually enjoyable and fun!

Y. Lazerson, Brooklyn, New York

I enjoyed the course very much, it was just what I needed to refresh my knowledge of accounting from College......many years ago. The material will especially be helpful as I work with my son-in-law in the establishment of his business.

C. McDermeit, Albuquerque, NM

After 30 years of successfully practicing my dental profession, I have recently benefited enormously from having completed the Real Life Accounting Course.

There is real value in being able to both understand and speak the accountant's language. No longer am I at the mercy of my accountant, wondering if I am asking the right questions and not understanding answers.

I now understand the General Ledger concepts, credits and debits and the reasons why entries are entered in their respective columns. Although I have been an S-Corp for more than 20 years, I now understand the rules of basis, and the interfacing necessary between the S-Corp and my personal tax returns.

I was able to accomplish this at home, on the Internet and at my own convenience. The content of this course is very valuable and will add quality to my business.

Dr. William Gabriel, DDS, Santa Barbara, CA

...I really enjoyed your course, especially the way it was presented. It was almost like sitting in a real classroom with direct conversations with the tutor. The bottom line is that I was very impressed with the course, its content, its presentation and ease of communicating for difficulties. I did indeed learn a lot...

Prabha Schmidt-Kastner, Miami, FL

...I am glad that I did take your course. Thank you, Mr. Day, for the clear and simple explanations... As a result, my first day at work was not as confusing as I thought it would be.

F.G., Almaty, Kazakhstan

I am an accountant and this course really opened my eyes to some things I have been doing incorrectly and some I wasn't even aware of. You have helped me tremendously!

C. Fernandez, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

I love your newsletter and site! Thanks for some great information. I look forward to taking your online course in the next couple of weeks when time allows.

I have cruised quite a few sites looking for online accounting courses - yours is the best, easiest and cheapest. Thanks for being there!

Sharon Currie, Santa Barbara, CA

My first encounter with the RLA course was like a breath of fresh air. Having worked as an accountant while still studying the subject at university, I was always fascinated by one's ability to explain accounting jargon in layman terms. Not since that time have I come across such an understandable, and plain English portrayal of the accounting process.

Being an avid teacher, and one who loves the art of teaching, I was totally convinced that the RLA accounting course was the missing link to bridge the gap between users of financial information and producers of the same. Business owners, students, and business people all are impacted by the accounting process, and thus, I feel it is incumbent upon them to have a vehicle by which they can understand the substance of business transactions, while not necessarily knowing the form. The RLA course is that vehicle.

As a non-US subscriber to the course, qualified accountant (C.P.A.), and teacher of accounting, I can quite categorically say that this course has been a God-send for many of my students in understanding the accounting process. As the course deals with basic fundamentals, it has an appeal which transcends international borders, and provides enough substance to make one competent in the basic areas of accounting.

Kent Bascome, CPA, Bermuda & UK

This truly is a comprehensive course for the lay person, indeed, nothing was omitted as far as the basics are concerned. Thank you for offering a great course!!

J. Tumbas, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I really enjoyed this course...I also appreciate the help for a business owner... Thanks again for a terrific course and a real bargain in the mix, what with all of the additional information that you offered. I plan to come back often as a reference...

D. King, Los Angeles, CA

I must state again that I think your program is the best I have seen. Your newsletters are clear and informative. The content is comprehensive but the delivery is light.

Susan Mladenovich, C.M.A., Toronto, Canada

I used this as a refresher course and found it very useful.

S. Parker, Erie, PA

Great Course!

J. Comfort, Professor of Accounting, Friends University, Wichita, KS

Thank you very much for creating an opportunity to learn about accounting in a such relaxed atmosphere! The material was well put together, the explanations were very detailed and easy to understand. I never thought that accounting could be so much fun! I'm planning to review this course again before my subscription is over.

N. Zehring, Wichita, KS

Excellent, fast and easy to understand.

V. Smith, Wichita, KS

I have taken accounting classes before and this was, by far, the best course I can remember. Thanks!

B. Stephenson, Wichita, KS

I'm signed up and enjoying your course to a huge extent! Real Life Accounting fills a much needed gap. And you did a terrific job - you're a born teacher. Many thanks.

V. Abbott, Ireland

Hello, John. Thanks, again, for your patience. It is great to take a course with a teacher as quick to respond, as careful in explaining things, and as accepting, as you are.

Bud Millner, Wolfeboro, NH

The educational journey through your course has been a wonderful experience for me and especially for my six students. They have achieved so much, they will all go on to be better business people because of you. I profoundly thank you.

P. Tauro, Adult Education Accounting Teacher, Leonia, NJ

Great Course. User friendly. It is a must for all those who wish to open a small business.
It opened my eyes!

R. Chapman, Mansfield, TX

Thanks John, this course has been the best accounting course I ever taken.

A. Garcia, Lauderhill, FL

I really enjoyed taking this course. I have taken an accounting course in high school and this gives me more insight on accounting. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take your class.

M. Gonzales Santa Fe, NM

I can tell you that I love the course and the way you make it. I did use your online course in order to prepare myself for starting a MBA in the business school at the University of Chicago. So your course was good for deepening my basic understanding of accounting and transferring that knowledge into the GAAP system.

G. Drischel Wiesbaden, Germany

I enjoyed taking this course and learned a lot from it.

S. Schwarzinger, West Allis, WI

I signed up and started my course today. I am very impressed so far. I love how it's written in "plain, simple English".

C. Campbell

I found your course useful and explains the essence of accounting/bookkeeping in simple terms. Thank you.

M. AbdulJalil, Al Giza Egypt

Thanks, for the great online course.

L. Generali, Santa Clara, CA

Thank you for making accounting user friendly and giving the "bones" of understanding how to run a business.

M. Sanderson, Oakland, CA

I have completed half of the course and have learned so much. I had previously read quite a lot about bookkeeping and accounting principles but it was all so confusing. Finally, I'm getting it! Thanks.

M. Gaughan, Hudson, New York

The course has enabled me to learn more about doing accounting in real life. The contents are easy to understand, especially for non-English speaking people and for those who've just learned accounting. Thank you very much for allowing me to follow the course online, which has benefited me greatly.

M. Yassin, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam

Well laid out course. Very easy to access all the information and guides needed to answer questions and learn principles.

R. Lackie, Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

This course was invaluable to me! It was presented in a way that made it interesting and I very much appreciated being able to study when I could. I have recommended it to some of my key employees.

K. O'Donnell, Queretaro, Mexico

I really enjoyed the course. There were things that I learned that have come in handy in my day to day activities. I think this is an excellent course for beginners in the accounting field. I inherited the accounting functions for my company two years ago, with no accounting background what-so-ever. Had I been afforded a course like this, it would have made my job a lot easier. Thanks for putting the course together. I wish you much success.

S. Sergent, Port Allen, LA

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The HEART of Accounting™

AnastassiyaThank you very much.

It will be veeery useful as my printer doesn't work and it's difficult to pass tests without printing some papers out. It'll facilitate :)
I am so grateful for your online course and find it very informative and well-structured. I've never worked with figures (except translations for the Deloitte KZ Co). Now I start to understand accounting from inside :)

Best regards from Kazakhstan


I found this course, The Heart of Accounting, to be a great "tune up" and refresher. The last accounting course I took was at college in 1975. Due to recent downsizing at our company, I am going to be taking over some finance responsibilities. I'll be starting your online course over the next couple weeks.

A. Medeiros, Scottsdale, AZ

I loved the course. I wish I had taken it 3 years ago. This is the clarity that a bookkeeper and my accountant didn't have time to teach me. I am looking forward to taking your 20-hr online class. The lesson on debits and credits per each account is what helped me the most.

Katie Mcloughlin, West Linn, OR

Great refresher course. Thanks for making this available. It was just what I needed.

Elizabeth Clark, Novato, CA

I am on my 4th week of a managerial/financial accounting course, and prior to completing this course (The Heart of Accounting) I was uncertain of how well I understood journal entries and T-Accounts. Now I get it. The simple presentation and repetitions were a great help.

J. Harding, Mariton, NJ

John, the course was incredible. All my fear and lack of self-confidence and concerns about my own ability have been laid to rest. I thought I might be over my head with my new job. Now, not only do I understand the “big picture”, I comprehend the reasoning behind each entry. Thank you so much. Next week it is on to the 20 hr course and I cannot wait.

Brad Jones, Mooresville, NC

This was an excellent refresher. I didn't 'Get it' before, but now, I 'Got it'!

P. Johnson, Marysville, WA

Great course, thank you.

D. Makin, Phoenix, AZ

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Articles and The Journal Entry Newsletter

I just want to say that your articles are the most concise writing I have come across for Accounting and Financial topics. I have read many accounting articles, but you have the unique ability and talent to make a complex subject seem simple to understand for a lay person.

Tom De Lucca, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you for your newsletters - I enjoy them as I am an accounting major. They really are a wealth of information and a great help to me.

Al Foster

I just want to thank you for the newsletter...very informative.

Carlos Ruiz

Thank you for your realifeaccounting news letter issue no. 72., and I found it to be most educating and informative. How can I get all the previous issues????

K.P. Valsan, Saudi Arabia

The Journal Entry is by far the best newsletter of any kind that I have in the past or currently receive. The course is also exceptional. I don't get much time log in and study; but I truely ENJOY it and always look forward to it.

JC Martell, Montgomery, Alabama

Thank you so much for sending me your newsletters. I find them extremely valuable.

Daisy Poljak, Brewster, NY

I would like to take this time to commend you on your short but sweet newsletters. I have found them to be beneficial in quickly recapturing the accounting principles & concepts. I am pleased at the way you integrate the tax offsets.

I hope this brief email will some how have you keep doing what you do, well, and for free!!! In my opinion, businesses succeed not only because of their ability to manage their revenue and expenses or because of a well put together business plan, but also by their ability to raise the standards of thinking and the thought processes of mankind.

You have given people the chance to increase their knowledge and get a feel for the business and accounting concepts that aren't really being taught in the schools. I am fairly new in the business but I have quickly grasped the art of finances just through your newsletter. I am not sure what taking a class would do for me at this point but I am sure that anyone who has taken your courses has been furthered equipped to be successful.

Marcia Reid, Axum Accounting

I don't run across many newsletters that I would recommend. In my humble opinion most are a waste of your time. Even the small amount that it takes to hit the delete button in your e-mail program. John Day's Newsletter, The Journal Entry , I'll have to say is an exception, but don't take my word see for yourself.

Dave Marshall, Knoxville, TN www.dwnbeancounter.com

I love your monthly email newsletters. I do not want to miss an issue.

M. Vigneri

Thanks for the excellent articles. There is a difference between theory and practical work. Your articles are practical. That is what I was looking for. Something practical.

Pawan B.

Many thanks for the copy of the August theme, which I found to be very useful.

Anonymous student

I just love your newsletter. I am a Certified Management Accountant in Canada and I also have a strong belief that accounting shouldn't be a big secret mystery, especially for small business owners. I like the term definition in each issue plus I think the idea of a monthly theme is good. That way no one hurts his or her brain too much jumping from one subject to the next.

I must state again that I think your program is the best I have seen. Your newsletters are clear and informative. The content is comprehensive but the delivery is light.

Susan Mladenovich, CMA, Toronto, Canada

... I think the content, style and level of your newsletter are all excellent. I think that non-accountants, accounting students and anyone with even the remotest interest in accounting will find your materials useful.

Duncan Williamson, United Kingdom

I find your newsletters very helpful …

Joyce M.

I am a non-accountant but I work for a CPA firm and I am so thankful I found this newsletter. The text is very interesting, useful and easy to understand. I do not find it too technical. I think that the content is just the right size: not too large, not too small. Each month I look forward to learning something new. It builds my confidence. Thank you John Day.

Lisa M.

Needless to say that I found it (newsletter) very useful.


Thanks for sending me this newsletter… I am a lawyer and business
consultant. I work with accountants and really appreciate the profession, despite its current difficulties, but I especially appreciate people like you who simplify it for the rest of us...

Steve R.

Your monthly reports are really very good. I learn something every time.

Dr. Robert Peck, Tumwater, WA

Very helpful! Keep it up!

Aaron Smith

Thanks you for your regular very interesting newsletters.

R. Ochse, Pretoria, South Africa

Thanks, your newsletters have been very informative and I look forward to
receiving future ones.

L. Webb-Yarosh